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Setting up FIDO Key for MFA
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After your Fido Key has been configured by the IT department and delivered to you, login to your webmail (



At this point you will still need to use the MFA procedure we currently have in place


From here click on your initials on the top right of the screen (KR for this account) and click on View Account

Go to Security Info and Update Info


Click on Add Sign-in Method then Security Key from the dropdown menu and click add


Choose USB Device and insert your Fido Key into one of your USB ports on your computer then choose next



Choose External Key or Built-In Sensor then click OK

Click OK again


You will be prompted to create a PIN for your  security PIN. Try to avoid birthdays, addresses, or PINs already associated with debit/credit cards





At this point the green icon on your Fido key will start blinking, touch it without removing it



Click the next button and you will be prompted to login again using either a phone call or a text message again


You will be prompted to change the name of the key, and it will show up on your Security Info page


The next time you login to your webmail ( you will have the option to use your security key instead of using your password

You will be prompted to enter the PIN you created




After entering your pin touch the blink green logo on the security key and your email will load





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