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Setting Up MFA With Text/Phone Call
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Setting up Microsoft 2FA Text/Phone call


Go to the webmail login page and enter your Catawba email address.

It will take you to the following page. Enter your password and click sign in.


You will then see the following page. Click on next.


At this point you will choose Authentication phone.




If you choose Authentication Phone you can use SMS (text message) or a phone call to received your verification code. You will need to select the Authentication Phone option. Select United States (+1) and then put in your full phone number with the area code.(When you enter your phone number, enter your area code in parentheses, and put a dash between your middle three digits, and last for digits. For instance, instead of just typing 999-999-9999,type (999)999-9999. This way it should allow you to enter your password without any errors). You will then choose between Send me a code by text or call me. This is just for the first time you authenticate. You will always be prompted upon login to use text or receive a call.



You will then receive a text on your phone that look like this. It will have a verification number. Don’t not use the verification number in this document. You will need to use the one that comes to your phone. It will be different every time you login and request one.

Then enter the verification number and click verify.

You will see this last screen. You can click done.


Now when you login you will see this screen. You will have two options for your phone that is registered. Text or call. Just choose which option you would like. Text will send a text message. Call, you will get a call from Microsoft. The Automated person on the call will tell you your code.



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