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Setting up Microsoft MFA Microsoft App
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Setting up Microsoft 2FA Microsoft App


Go to the webmail login page and enter your Catawba email address.

It will take you to the following page. Enter your password and click sign in.


You will then see the following page. Click on next.


At this point you will choose Mobile app.

Choose the Receive notifications for verification option.

You will then get a QR code to scan.

Download and Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

For iPhone go to the app store. For android go to the play store.


Apple Store



Google Store


Open the app and click agree

Click add work or school account



Click add account




Select work or school account



Click scan QR code button

Let the app access your camera



Once fully registered this is what the app should look like with your email address in it.


Now go to the website for webmail and login with your username and password.



You phone will get the notification. If you have an iphone you can allow face ID or fingerprint ID. You can do the same on Android


Then click approve and it will log you in to your email.


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