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Student Printing
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To print on any of Catawba's multifunction printers/copiers please do the following.


- Log into your Catawba email account.  (This will only work from your Catawba account, do not try to use a personal email address)

- Send an email message to [email protected] and attach the file(s) or document(s) you wish to print.

- Rather quickly, you should receive an email confirmation confirming the job has reached the print queue.

- Locate the multifunction printer/copier nearest to you location, badge into the machine with your Catawba ID card, and you will be able to release the document(s) to print.


 The following document types will successfully print.  Word documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, PDF, JPG & PNG.  If you are unsure if your file format will be accepted, we advise you convert your document to a PDF to ensure accuracy in printing.


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