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Zoom Phone: Create a Voicemail Greeting
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Your default voicemail greeting can be set up in the Zoom Web Portal under the Business Hours section. You can set a different voicemail greeting message for business hours, closed hours, and holidays. You business hours is your default greeting that callers will hear when you are unable to take a call during regular business hours. 


To set this up, scroll down past the Business Hours section and look for Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction. It will currently be set to the default message. Beside the default message, click Edit: 



Click Edit and then select, Add Audio. Once you have multiple recordings, you can switch between those audio files by selecting Choose from Asset Library. On the Add Audio window, you have three ways to add your audio message: 

  • Text to Speech
  • Upload
  • Record by Computer


Text to Speech will take the text that you enter and turn it into speech using a simulated voice. Upload allows you to add an audio file you have already created outside of Zoom, though this won't be very common. And lastly, you can use the tools in Zoom to record your own message. 

Whether you are using Text to Speech or Record by Computer, you will need to give the message a name in the Asset Name and enter a category. For category, you will want to use "Voicemail Greeting." You can choose any name you'd like to help you quickly identify this message from your Asset Library. 


Text to Speech


To create a Text to Speech, ensure that you are on the correct tab at the top and provide a name and category. Next, in the Message to play box, type what you want callers to hear when they reach your voicemail. When you are satisfied with the message, click the drop down menu under voice to select the voice you want to use. Click an option and click the Play link under your message to hear how it sounds. You can select a new voice and click play again to test out the different voices. When finished, click Add: 



Record by Computer


To create your own recording, click on the Record by Computer tab. Provide an Asset Name and Category. Under the Record Audio section, click the red icon to begin recording. Most browsers will prompt you to allow the Zoom website to use your microphone. Some browsers are more obvious and will have a pop-up on the screen. Others, such as Google Chrome will have a small icon to the right inside the address bar that you must click on. Once you approve the use of the microphone, you may need to click Cancel and then go back into the Voicemail Greeting window. 


Once you click on the red icon, you will see the timer start. Record your message and click the Stop icon. You can click to play and preview your message. Once you are satisfied with the recording, click Add: 




Once you save your changes, you will be taken back to the main Settings screen and you will see the title of the voicemail greeting that is selected. 

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