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Zoom Phone: Set Voicemail for Closed Hours
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With Zoom Phone, you can set up a voicemail greeting for calls that come in after business hours. 


Once Business Hours have been set, you can adjust additional settings that are specific to your Closed Hours. Navigate to the Zoom Web Portal ( and click on Phone on the left side menu and then the Settings tab at the top. On the Settings page, scroll passed the Business Hours to view the Closed Hours settings. 


Here, you can adjust what device will ring (if any) after hours. Click Call Handling to adjust which device or application will ring. If none are selected, then you will not be notified of a call and it will go straight to voicemail. If you select at least one device, such as the Desktop App, then your computer will ring through the Zoom Client and if there is no answer, it will go to voicemail. 


The next few options can be set to the default. The other important setting is your voicemail greeting under the Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction setting. You can have a voicemail that is different from business hours to let your caller know that offices are now closed. Click edit to set or record a voicemail greeting using the instructions from the "Create a Voicemail Greeting" article. 



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