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Installing Office Products on Personal Computer
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Upgrading to Microsoft 365 if Office Products Already Exist (If Applicable)

First you will need to uninstall/remove old office products then you will be able to install the new office products.


Uninstall old Microsoft Office Products:

  • Click on the windows Icon in the bottom left corner or the search icon on the taskbar
  • Search for “add or remove programs” then select it to move to the next step
  • Next you click into the “search this list” search bar and type in “Microsoft”
  • Scroll through the options listed and select Microsoft Office then uninstall.
    • You may also have to uninstall Microsoft Project and Visio
    • To do this you will stay in the same area and just scroll through looking for Project and Visio, uninstall these programs as well.
  • Once all old Microsoft products are removed you can then move on to installing Microsoft 365


Install Microsoft Office 365

  • Go to your Catawba webmail at:
  • Once you have logged into webmail look in the top left corner for the icon that looks like 9 dots stacked in groups of three, should be next to the Outlook logo.
  • Click onto the dots to get the apps menu open then select the link in the top right corner of that menu that reads “Office”
  • On the next page that opens look for the “Install Office” button in the top right corner of the page
  • Select this button and choose Office 365 from the drop down menu
    • You should now have the Microsoft 365 installer downloading
  • Once the download finishes you can find it in your downloads folder in file explorer
  • Run the install by double clicking the file or by right clicking and running as administrator.
  • Leave all settings as default and allow for the install to run
  • Once the installation is complete you should see a message saying the install was successful or is complete.
  • Lastly just check to ensure all of the Microsoft apps you use open properly and do not give you any issues


Further assistance

If you continue to experience problems or make it through these steps and are still unsuccessful, please place a ticket to the helpdesk by emailing [email protected] and letting us know what you are needing assistance with.

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