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New Argos Folder Creation

Argos’ security is based on folder-level permissions. We’ll try to limit sub- folders unless necessary, as this increases the complexity of administering Argos. Our first recommendation would be to request report names be changed to include a prefix (such as “Orientation Reports – Report 1”, “Orientation Reports – Re…

Argos - Report Emailing

​​​​​​​IT is currently assessing the security of emailing report data. For the time being, please log in to Argos to view reports as needed. Many users find it helpful to create an Outlook calendar event to remember to pull reports that they had previously relied on an email prompt to review.

Argos - Request a Change to an Existing Report

Please inform IT by sending an email to [[email protected]][1] or by submitting a ticket by visiting [][2]. Let us know the change required in as much detail as possible, as well as the full report path (i.e., Academics/Example Report). [1]: mailto:[email protected] [2…

Argos - Searching for reports

If you know the name of a report, or a piece of the name, you can search in Argos for the location of reports. To begin, use the Search Bar located at the top of the Desktop Argos Application. ![][1] If you are using the Argos Web Client, the search bar is located in the top left corner. ![][2] Enter information r…

Argos - Request a New Report

Argos is intended to house reusable reports. If you need a new report that will be used repeatedly in the future, you may request that the report be created by sending an email to [[email protected]][1] or by submitting a ticket by visiting Include the population and datapoints tha…

Running an Argos Report

To run a report within Argos, navigate the folder structure to find the report you want to run. In our example, we want to run the Detailed Class Roster report that is located in the All Employees folder. Within the Desktop Argos Application, the folder structure looks like this: ![][1] Within the Argo Web Client, …

Financial Manager Reports

A new version of the Financial Manager Reports is located in the All Employees folder in Argos and is named “Financial Manager Reports”. This data is refreshed once daily to build reports proactively to reduce processing time in Argos. The last refresh date is included in the upper-left corner of the report.: ![][1]…

Argos - Report Writing

​​​​​​​Report Writer functionality is available to Argos users. We have recorded training sessions available for those interested and will be working with departments to get individuals trained and the appropriate permissions allocated in the near future. For now, please feel free to submit a report request to IT.

Argos "Continue Waiting" Message

The "Continue Waiting" prompt happens when a report in Argos takes more than 120 seconds to process. Many reports originating from Cognos take a number of minutes to process. You may click "Continue Waiting" or let the process continue without interaction.

Argos Folder Permissions

​​​​​​​Access is derived from Human Resources records, with your default department determining your base Argos access. Additional access can be requested by informing IT by sending an email to [[email protected]][1] or by submitting a ticket by visiting [][2]. During 2023, IT will b…

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