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Financial Manager Reports
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A new version of the Financial Manager Reports is located in the All Employees folder in Argos and is named “Financial Manager Reports”.


This data is refreshed once daily to build reports proactively to reduce processing time in Argos. The last refresh date is included in the upper-left corner of the report.:



This report allows you to select a fiscal year and report type (Unrestricted, Restricted, or Endowment):



Once your parameters are selected, you’ll see data populated based on the permissions assigned to you.


The “Funds:” section displays total fund information based on your permissions.

Note: Information is redacted in the following screenshots.

The “Organizations:” section shows organization information based on your fund selection. This section has two associated boxes: One listing organization information (organization code, organization description, a sum of the origination balance, a sum of the organization actual, and a sum of the organization’s encumbrances. The box to the right lists budget information for the organization selected.


Finally, the “Accounts/Transactions:” section is based on your Organization selection. This lists account information and individual transactions.



Please note, the Endowment report option has this disclaimer:


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